Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends forms a vital link between parents, teachers and the school leadership team. By working together as a community, we can create a collective parent voice at School Council, generate funding, improve facilities and provide enriching opportunities for our children and their families.


Parent & Friends ask for a parent from each class to act as a representative, to provide information to other parents and organise classroom contact lists or parent/teacher social events.

One vital role of Parent & Friends in the school community is fundraising, however we do limit the amount of fundraising activities Parent & Friends can run in a year, so as not to overextend the amount they are asking from parents, both in time volunteered and donations made.

Parent & Friends run fundraising raffles and drives, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls for students to purchase gifts, as well as co-ordinating Twilight Sports Night and organising the end of year Christmas Event or other social events.

Other fundraisers are as much about raising student engagement as raising money and include once a term theme days with special food (ie. footy pie day) and the Student Disco.

Attendance at our meetings are optional and they are usually held in the school library (younger siblings of school children are welcome to come along).

Other ways to help out around the school include sorting board games, framing artwork, helping at stalls and BBQs.

You can email Parents & Friends if you would like more information or wish to get involved.

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