Vision & Values

Our School Vision

Greensborough Primary School aims to provide a safe, positive and supportive school environment in which each student can enjoy their opportunities, both academic and social, and achieve their full potential educationally.

The setting of individual targets and monitoring student’s progress ensures that every child experiences high levels of success at school. Greensborough Primary School aims to keep class sizes to a minimum, particularly in the junior grades. This allows for more one-on-one time for each student and their teacher, fosters better relationships and leads to higher academic achievement.

Our school Motto is “Teaming For Excellence”.

Our School Values

Greensborough Primary School’s Strategic Plan, established by the entire school community, describes in detail our school’s core values:

CO-OPERATION                ACHIEVEMENT               RESPECT                     EMPATHY

These values have been selected as they support the development of each child, foster the concept of co-operative effort in the school community and ensure the school is a happy, caring and secure learning environment for our students.