School History

 “Teaming for Excellence” since 1878…

The land upon which Greensborough Primary School sits was traditionally owned by the Wurundjeri people.

Greensborough was first settled by Europeans in the 1840’s and was named after Edward Green who bought the first township allotment.  In 1854 the Greensborough Denominational School was opened out of a dire need to provide education for the children. In 1862 the school became known as the Common School No. 268, and the local population steadily grew.

In 1872 the Victorian Government passed the Education Act which would bring many changes to the education system. One such change was the designation of our school to State School No. 2062 in 1878. Our magnificent “Old School” building, perched at the corner of Grimshaw Street and The Circuit was constructed in 1879 and educated around 30 students. It is now heritage listed by National Trust.

The school expanded over the years, and in the late 1970’s it became apparent that the school needed to be rebuilt or relocated due to the expanding school population. The result was our large, sound-proofed tri-level school building and an increased amount of outdoor space in 1980.

More than 130 years of educating children, has seen many changes at Greensborough Primary School. Today our school is an array of bright and appealing classrooms, a lovely treed outdoor setting and an amazing school community!