Student Welfare

At Greensborough Primary School we have a Student Code of Conduct that clearly states the responsibilities of all to maintain a happy and safe environment. Each child has their own personal copy of the school’s “Student Code of Conduct” booklet, containing the school rules, which the child keeps at home to discuss with parents. Bullying behaviour is not tolerated and is actively discouraged in keeping with the school’s Anti-bullying Policy.

Social Skills Program

Teachers and parents work together to help children learn the values of Confidence, Organisation, Persistence, Resilience and Getting Along, as these are regarded by our school community as important foundations for the development of a positive attitude and personal achievement.

Drug Education

Drug education is an ongoing core component of our curriculum. Our programs are designed to provide each student with appropriate drug education prevention and intervention strategies within a supportive school environment that involves parents.

Specialist Services

Students have access to a range of specialist services. An educational psychologist and speech pathologists visit weekly to assess and work with individual children who are referred to them by the school Principal with the parent’s approval. The School Nurse visits each year and tests the Prep children’s’ hearing and sight. Children in other grade levels are examined by the School Nurse on request. If difficulties are found, parents are contacted and encouraged to have their child examined by a doctor. A number of other Outside Agenciesprovide additional Specialist Services if required.